Spring allergies

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When allergies start to hit you have to defend not only the respiratory tract, but also the eyes. To remember it is the Commission Eyecare

Spectacles, lenses and eye drops counted: what to do against allergens

When allergies start to hit you have to defend not only the respiratory tract, but also the eyes. To remember is the Eyesight Protection Commission, which in the beginning of spring reminds the 10 million Italians are allergic (about 1 in 5, 30% in children and more than 60% of cases of female) back to give some practical advice on how to minimize the symptoms of allergic reactions. Advice that should be taken into account by those who think they do not suffer from: allergies, in fact, can also occur in adulthood. To be more at risk is who is the son of allergic individuals, which inherits the predisposition to develop the disorder, but not the specific allergy. A trigger allergies are especially pollens, but in fact the allergens are "substances present a bit 'everywhere: in pet hair, dust and pollen of some plants."
The symptoms associated with allergic reaction can range from rhinitis to asthma, through the skin reactions and eye problems, and during the spring and summer months can become irritated, redden and have to deal with other problems typical of conjunctivitis is due to pollens and powders, either because of grains of sand. The appearance of these and other symptoms of an allergy enough simple tests to confirm the presence of distrubo and know that we must begin to act accordingly. A first advice to the users of contact lenses, they should use sunglasses quality is to reduce the possibility that allergens are deposited on the lenses, is to counteract the photophobia often accentuated by the allergic response. In severe cases it is even advisable to avoid the use of lenses or prefer diems. The use of sunglasses quality can also be useful to those not wearing the lenses and is not the only precaution to be put in place to protect your eyes from allergies. E 'was essential to avoid as much as possible to rub the eyes, a gesture that "makes more' friends' antibodies and antigens (or other item allergenic pollen) with the release of histamine that increases the itch itself. Furthermore - he continues the expert - the sufferer usually has a watery 'defective'. The mechanics of rubbing may even cause lacerations to the cornea. "


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