Visual Training

The visual education (Optometric Visual Training) is an ocular gymnastics sweet, specific to the eye that helps you see better, the exercises used in visual education teach you to improve and optimize the way you use your vision. The visual education serves to train, strengthen the eye muscles, improving the visual perception and thus learning. With the visual education can achieve significant improvements in visual skills and perceptual and is particularly indicated for the treatment of functional visual problems more common. The Visual Training is a branch of optometry that has been used successfully in the main disorders associated with vision, such as: headaches, eye strain, lack of convergence, dipolopia, molding, lazy eye, accommodative deficit, postural abnormalities, nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia , astigmatism, eyestrain, dyslexia and learning difficulties of visual origin.

The results obtained are usually more than good, although it depends on the commitment and consistency in the application of the techniques used and the participation that the subject towards the same workout.

The basic concepts used in visual education (Optometric Visual Training) are:

1) The "seeing" is a learning process, not innate, and therefore can be improved with training.

2) The visual education includes a number of techniques that allow you to use more efficiently the vision and increase visual comfort, attention, learning ability and posture.

3) The visual education, raises awareness and enhances the natural mechanisms that are responsible for the visual process.

The Optometrists using the vision training also in combination with appropriate lenses for eyeglasses for:
-prevent The onset of visual problems.
- To develop the visual abilities and skills needed in school activities, work and sport.
- Enhance the visual function.
- Keep the best visual condition reached.
- Compensate and / or remedy all those visual deficiencies that have already developed.
The Visual Training allows a visual system more efficient.



The optometrist, after an analysis and a program of Visual Training personalized, it can allow everyone to benefit from the Visual Training and in particular to:


- Children of all ages, both in preschool and in school age;
- Children with reading difficulties or of learning in general;
- Children who are poorly coordinated visual demands in sports;
- Children with lower returns to their potential;
- All people who want to improve their athletic performance;
- All people who work with the computer;
- People with job duties demand high visual;
- People who have visual disturbances such as: burning, discomfort, eye strain and fatigue, are not related to pathological problems.

The optometrist can give you the solution to many problems related to visual function.