The test is divided into three blocks does not replace the eye exam
» Heightened 'Distant visual
Stand by your monitor at a distance: 
- 3 meters for 14 "monitor 
- 4 meters for a 15 "monitor 
- 5 meters for 17 "monitor 

With the help of another person, make sure which direction the "E" are open. 
Run the test with glasses, if worn regularly, covering first the right eye and then the left. If you do not distinguish the direction or if you can not read the column 3 we recommend you go to the optician optometrist for you to check out the view or the glasses you wear.
Observe the series of squares first with one eye and then the other. If some strips will appear, in whole or in part, more 'gray, means that your cornea send to the brain a deformed image. 
It is worthwhile to perform additional visual verification efficiency.
» What can you see?
You may not immediately see the subject of the photograph because 'can' seem a trivial set of black and white spots. Yet these stains can be interpreted. The vision and 'capacity' to interpret a subject. With this definition means something different dall'acutezza visual that in the two previous tests have occurred. You can 'have a clear visual acuity and be poor readers with difficulties' that ensue both in the attivita' school in that work. The attention towards this complex process called physical and mental vision and the resolution of the problems associated with it requires a high specialization and the provision of a professional service. The professional who now offers this service and 'the optometrist whose job is not' only to restore good visual acuity but to develop, where there are deficiencies, including the ability 'to give meaning to visual stimuli.

If you think you understand what 'sent the response to


Amsler test


Amsler Grid 
The Amsler grid is a very useful test that you can perform at home and the need for early diagnosis of retinal diseases, especially diseases of the macula. The early diagnosis of retinal changes is essential to prevent loss of sight in conditions such as macular degeneration, histoplasmosis, central serous chorioretinopathy, choroidal neovascular membrane and diabetic retinopathy. In many cases the Amsler grid should be used every day for the control of the view.

If you notice any changes after this test, you need to be contacted immediately on your eye care professional.

Instructions for the test of Amsler

1 Put on your reading glasses 
2 Hold the Amsler grid at normal reading distance 
3 Cover one eye 
4 stares at the dot in the center of the grid 
5 While the fixed point, known as lines and squares appear 
6 Run the same test for the other eye

Response and what to do

All lines should appear straight and the squares should appear uniform size. 
If you notice changes in the appearance of the grid as distortion, blurring, discolouration or any other exchange, immediately call your eye doctor and ask to be visited. Do not wait to see if these changes go away on their own. The timing of treatment is critical to the maintenance of your sight.