Our secure payment

With PayPal your financial information is never disclosed to OTTICACOLLI Paypal encoding and protects your credit card number once and for all.

Pay online by simply indicating your email address and your password.

Using Visa / Mastercard / PayPal

To ensure maximum security of transactions, the site OTTICACOLLI .IT adopted the service of secure payment by PAYPAL.

At the time of confirmation of the payment request is routed in real time to the operator of the debit electronic safe.


Methods of payment

We are very keen to otticacolli the security of sensitive data related to credit cards. For this reason we have chosen PayPal as a partner for the management of online payments. You can pay by credit card even if you have an account on www.paypal.com.

The strength of the company and its seriousness convinced us about the reliability of that PayPal allows you to pay quickly by entering the card details in a secure page digital certificate SSL / TLS and advanced encryption systems that ensure the confidentiality of card data in transit on the network. You can use PayPal even if you do not have an account at paypal.com, being able to use in each case of the security offered by the platform.

If you wish, you can still use the other payment methods described below.


You can pay for your purchases on otticacolli with PayPal.

"PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address to send and receive payments online securely. PayPal is a system that allows you to send payments with the same ease with which you send an email message. Users can immediately send a payment to anyone with an email address. recipients receive an email notification of receipt of payment. [...]

To protect your information PayPal uses SSL technology. In addition, when you send a payment using PayPal, the recipient will not receive sensitive financial information, such as the number of your credit card or your bank account. In this way you will not have to worry about making payments on behalf of people who do not know. [...]

PayPal is much faster compared to withdrawal from an ATM or to compile and send to mail paper checks. Moreover, unlike the checks, which are credited may take a few days, most of PayPal transactions is credited immediately. The sending of payments is always free, the delivery of the items is speeded up and also the service is secure and confidential. "

Source: www.paypal.it

You can use PayPal if your credit card or debit card or rechargeable belongs to the Visa, Mastercard, Postepay card or Aura.


The payment in "COD - cash" is in cash and directly to the courier (only for Italy)

When you receive the package, so make sure you have cash immediately available in the exact amount to be paid: the courier, in fact, can not accept checks and can not give change.

Cash on delivery involves the application of a surcharge of 6.00 €, in addition to the cost of shipping (item cost + shipping cost + premium delivery).

Remember that for a refund you must have a bank account or post office.

Bank transfer

From any bank account, credit 5.3 working days.

The shipment will be made upon receipt of payment to our account.
At the end of your order, choosing as payment method bank transfer, you will receive the necessary data to be able to make the payment.